Wichitan loses 13 friends to virus, the vaccine brings hope

By Hunter Funk, KSN, original article link

For one Wichitan, the vaccine is what keeps him staying positive. 

Steve Shaad said he knows more than a dozen people who have died during the pandemic after dealing with complications from the coronavirus. 

“It is people that I knew extremely well over the years,” said Shaad. 

From coworkers to teachers, neighbors, and close friends, Steve Shaad said the last nine months have been unbearable. 

“It just takes a toll on ya. It makes you a little angry when people say it’s not real,” said Shaad. 

Shaad said he’s seen friends hospitalized by COVID about a dozen of them have died. After all of the losses, he said the COVID-19 vaccine could be his saving grace. 

“Now, we have what could really control the pandemic, a vaccine. I’m certainly going to get it as soon as I can,” he said. 

He believes the sooner people become immune to the virus, the sooner life can get back to normal.

Shaad is encouraging others to get the vaccine too, so he, like many others, can keep his loved ones close. 

“I’m hoping that I won’t get any more Facebook posts of friends who’ve gone into the hospital asking for prayers, and I’m hoping I don’t get any Facebook posts about friends who’ve died, It’s a small price to pay,” he said.

This article was republished here with the permission of: KSNW-TV