‘There may be other people in Wichita who may be compromised’: Couple heads to Texas to get vaccinated

By John Asebes, KSN, original article link

A Wichita couple, not wanting to wait weeks to get their vaccine, found a way around and were able to get their shot months before most people their age.

David and Sheryl Hill are both in their mid to late 60s, and with one of them having pre-existing health conditions, they would not wait any longer for a vaccine.

“We have come so far, and my cardiologist said we did not have you go through all this just to die of COVID,” said Sheryl Hill.

Sheryl and her husband David are just hours removed from getting their second Moderna vaccine shot this month.

“I was so worried about my wife catching this. It would not be good. She is protected, and I feel 100% better,” said David Hill.

With long lines and an even longer wait to get the vaccine in Kansas, David and Sheryl hit the road and went down to Amarillo, Texas to get their shots at the beginning of January.

“They said pull out your ID, and I thought they were going to deny us. They didn’t,” he said.

Within hours, they were both vaccinated, and within 28 days, both had both doses.

“It was very easy. They were very professional, and they did a great job,” Hill said.

“There is a real element of welcome and care that is just pervasive,” Sheryl added.

The shot left them both with somewhat sore arms but more peace of mind as Sheryl has been dealing with health conditions that put her especially at risk. She feels great knowing she can leave the house again and wants people to know there are ways to cut the long lines to get your shot.

“There are more people like you who need to know there is an option,” she said. “If they are up to a drive, they can get the vaccine instead of waiting.”

“That is my main motivation because there may be other people in Wichita who may be compromised like my wife,” David added.

The Hill family says the site in Amarillo was vaccinating anyone who met the requirements.

This article was republished here with the permission of: KSNW-TV