Coaches and student athletes hit the field for the first time in 22 months

By Sam Montero, KSN, original article link

Spring is in the air and so are some high school sports across Kansas. It’s been nearly two years since some players have laced up and hit the field.

Daniel Vieyra has been the head coach of the girl’s soccer team at Hutchinson High for four years. However, due to the pandemic, the team hasn’t played an official game in 22 months. 

“I know the girls that are playing, don’t take it for granted anymore because they know how easily we take it away,” said Vieyra.

A lot of their defensive line graduated last year and won’t be back for this season, but Vieyra said the current team didn’t waste any time. 

“Once we got a chance to get back together we kind of got going right away.”

Josie Hallier is a senior forward on the team. During the long 22-month hiatus from official play, she trained on her own and is has dedicated this season to former teammates.

“I’m so excited because the seniors last year didn’t get to and I want to play for them this year,” said Hallier. 

Matt Robertson is the head coach for Valley Center High’s baseball team. The school is kicking off the season with an invitational.

“It’s good to see people in the stands,” said Robertson.

In 2019, Valley Center’s baseball and softball fields got a makeover with new turf, but because of the pandemic it’s the first season his team will step up to the plate.

“What’s funny is, we actually didn’t get to play the very first game on the field, Newton and Augusta played the first actual baseball game,” said Robertson.

The fans, coaches and athletes seem to have the same enthusiasm as senior pitcher Max Maholland. “I’m just excited to be back out on the fields and be able to play,” said Maholland. 

Both coaches are looking forward to having a full season. 

This article was republished here with the permission of: KSNW-TV