Real estate student works with OneRise campus to alleviate local mental health, substance and homelessness concerns

By Allison Campbell/The Sunflower

A new mental health-based initiative sponsored by Lange Real Estate will soon provide community-wide relief for those struggling with mental health, substance abuse and homelessness in Wichita

The OneRise Health Campus, upon completion in 2026, will feature 70 acres of restorative facilities and outdoor spaces that aim to set a “world class precedent” for healing, learning and relationship rebuilding. OneRise President Matthew Tannehill said the non-profit’s campus, which will be located off the northwest corner of Meridian and MacArthur, “will be a beacon of integrated healing and innovative solutions.”

“We envision the OneRise project as a catalyst for positive change in Wichita, Sedgwick County and the South Central Region, fostering a more compassionate and inclusive community,” Tannehill said. “OneRise Health Campus is dedicated to building an innovative, trauma-informed landscape focused on healing and fostering long-term recovery for all individuals in our region.”

Eleazar Recendiz, a junior studying entrepreneurship with an emphasis in real estate, is halfway through a 12-week internship with Lange Real Estate. Recendiz, who will receive his real estate license by the end of March, said that Lange’s and OneRise’s commitment to personalized approaches and community betterment resonates with him.

“We’re always trying to do what’s best for your interests,” Recendiz said.

Upon graduating in May of 2025, Recendiz hopes to merge his interest in real estate and mental health with OneRise’s mission through a full-time career with the non-profit.

“Mental health is this great thing to be advocating for,” Recendiz said. “It’s pretty great what they’re doing, and this project was pretty much founded upon the values of Jeff Lange … That makes me want to work alongside them.”

According to Tannehill, the Lange family has a “deeply personal connection” to the issues OneRise addresses. The firsthand experience inspired the principles that the OneRise Health Campus was founded upon.

“The OneRise initiative was birthed from their desire to make a meaningful difference to all in our community, stemming from a shared commitment to addressing these pressing social issues and improving the overall well-being of our society,” Tannehill said.

OneRise’s behavioral health care campus aims to alleviate a variety of issues that Wichitans and Kansans may encounter, including housing, nutrition, education, clothing, therapies and legal services, according to its website. The site will also feature more than 14 acres of accessible housing.

“Additionally, we are exploring options like Permanent Supportive Housing and Affordable Housing, offering a sustainable living environment for those in need,” Tannehill said. “We have secured necessary land and permit approvals to move forward efficiently to drive this project forward.”

For students like Recendiz, the benefits from being directly involved in such a project build meaningful, lifelong skills, both as a professional and individual.

“Additionally, initiatives like this offer valuable learning opportunities for emerging real estate students like Eleazar Recendiz, who can gain insight into the intersection of social responaibility and property development,” Tannehill said.

Recendiz hopes that through OneRise’s one-on-one connection-building strategies, he can incorporate these ideals and techniques into his real estate work wherever he ends up.

“I feel like they … prepare me for what is to come,” Recendiz said. “I want to build these relationships and be able to be that person who is helping you buy your dream home.”

This article was republished here with the permission of: The Sunflower